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Dreaming of my bed... Lock Rss

Ok so FTM with 7wk old DS- coming to terms with the fact that there are some good days and some bad! But has anyone had a similar situation and any tips would be much appreciated!
Our little darling has never really liked his bassinet, much prefers cuddles or pram or hugabub wrap. He's co-slept several nights but hubby and I are not keen on that arrangement. We are happy to do whatever to get sleep at this stage. BUT, I'm wondering if there's something more than just wanting comfort going on!
DS quite regularly regurgitates after/during feeds (he is stopped every 2-3mins for burping as he has issues feeding and takes in a lot of wind) and is a reluctant burper without the aide of infacol. When he goes to sleep, we always put him down in his bassinet ( swaddled, with white noise and a dummy) and can usually get him to sleep. The problem is lately he has been only sleeping for about half an hour before he starts squirming and grunting to the point of waking up. We re-settle him over and over again until we eventually give up and sleep with him upright on the couch. He will then sleep like a champion for 4-5hours. His bassinet is elevated at one end and we try to make sure he is upright after a feed for around 20mins. I'm just wondering if it's a phase that will pass or something else that needs looking into?
Sounds to me like he could possibly have reflux. Maybe you could see your maternal health nurse or gp and
just check. Sleep deprivation in horrible isnt it sad all the best , I hope all turns out OK x
It definitely sounds like it could be reflux.
My ds had it for about the first 7 to 8 months of his life and he was a bad sleeper from the get go because of it. I tried lots of different things but he would still wake up to 10x per night sad.
Even after he grew out of the reflux he still woke numerous times a night (we just kept him in our room in the bassinet then a porta cot as I could not face trudging down the other end of the house that many times per night!). By age 1.5 he finally slept longer than 2 or 3 hours straight but now at 2 he still wakes 3x night to be resettled and still sleeps in our room/bed. He has never slept in his own room a single night.
I'm hoping he will just keep getting better as I don't have the heart to let him 'cry it out ' and I have a 5 year old and another one on the way.
I have gotten used to the sleep deprivation.
Hang in there. You're not alone. I hope your ds can get sorted and ends up sleeping much better than mine smile
Thanks for the replies, I was suspecting as much based on "Dr Google"! I think I will keep going with what we are doing and see if it gets any better as he is still quite fresh and his little digestive system is still getting the hang of it all ???? then we will go from there. Can see why sleep depravation is used as torture!!!
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