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sleep time fidgety 4 month old Lock Rss

Hello bubs is 18 weeks 13 weeks adjusted. Day time naps are a huge problem. He doesnt nap each time for more than 30 to 45 mins which is fine but when he wakes you can tell hes not ready to get up so gets grumpy within an hour and in the arvo sometimes wakes grumpy. If i hold him when he wakes i can sometimes get him to sleep another hour or more. He takes 4-5 naps before bed time and sleeps decently generally 8pm-2am then 3-7am To get him to nap is a mission most times. He doesnt stop moving and i literally have to restrain his arms and legs while patting him for him to finally fall in a deep enough sleep to leave him. I think some of it is to do with wind and i really hope his windy bowels resolve soon but not sure when they stop being uncomfortably windy. Help! I feel so bad for the poor little man.
If you are having to restrain your child to get them to sleep then perhaps he isn't tired. This could be why he isn't sleeping for very long. I know its been 13-18 weeks but it may still be relevant that babies were able to sleep whenever they wanted inside the womb without a schedule and having a set nap time might not be the best idea just yet. Also with so much going on around bub there may be too many stimulating things keeping him awake. A quiet, dark environment without too many distractions is ideal.
Good luck and I hope you find this helpful.
I have looked into the idea of him not being tired but the grumpiness rubbing of the eyes begin so i pop him down he begins to close his eyes and then it starts i definetly know hes tired and being a prem he cant deal with huge amounts of stimulation like babies his age so i try to calm him down before i know hes gonna get grumpy. Its just weird how much he thrashes about trying to actually fall asleep
Do you wrap him? He may need it just to stop him flailing around everywhere.

Could he be overtired? My son was 5 weeks prem and he couldn't handle more than 1 hour awake time between naps for ages!!

Is he one of those babies (like mine) that has been rocked/held while he sleeps since birth? He might have a abit of a reliance on you to fall asleep before you put him in the cot. My boy will only sleep in his cot after I've physically rocked/bounced him to sleep. I know it's not ideal, but it works for me.

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