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Bub wants to tummy sleep! Is it safe at nearly 6mnths to let him?! Lock Rss

Hey all, my near 6 month old wants to sleep on his tummy. I put him in his cot on his back and he just rolls over to his side or tummy! He must be more comfortable, is it safe to let him stay on his tummy yet? I'm worried as he's never fully slept on his tummy or side before, only his back but he won't sleep on his back anymore, I roll him over but he just rolls back. Help!!! When did your baby start rolling over to sleep on thier belly!?

Yip. So long as there's no blankets in the cot to suffocate on and he's just in a sleeping bag?
My daughter rolled over at 3 months and was a tummy sleeper from then onwards , I could go in and flip her back but 5 min later I'd check and she was back on her tummy. So long as arms are out and they can push themselves up its fine IMO
Thanks for your reply, I actually let him stay on his tummy for most of the night because he just really wanted to be on his tummy, and he actually slept longer than usual in his cot which is good, he must be getting to the stage where he doesn't think his back is comfortable, but I would be too, I hate sleeping on my back! Has to be my side or stomach. And yes he is in a grow bag to go to sleep in. I did previously use a blanket tucked in the bottom of his cot when he wasnt so mobile, but I've started using a grow bag/ sleeping bag now as he just wants to roll everywhere. And no loose sheets or anything in his cot either, just his mattress, a mattress protector and a tight fitted sheet. So no worries there.
It's a very worrying stage this stage, when they start doing things they've never done before!! I think my hair might fall out from worry by the time he's a toddler!!! LOL

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