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what am i doing wrong Lock Rss

Hi guys im at my wits end! I dont know what i can do to help my baby sleep better at night hes 5 months old and wakes up once at different times each night but doesnt actually want to feed but wont fully resettle until he has a full belly or goes in his swing for an extra couple of hours sleep.he also wants to sleep past 6am but never can in his cot What am i doing wrong
Can't give any advice on improving sleep as my son is a terrible sleeper but one wake up at 5 months sounds pretty normal to me. So I wouldn't think you're doing something wrong!
I agree that one wake up a night at 5 months old is normal. Most babies at that age are still having a night feed.

My son did 1-2 wake ups for feeds until 9-10 months old then slept through after that.

As for 6am, I used to just feed my son and put him back to bed and he'd sleep another couple of hours. Few months down the track he was ready to start his day at 6am and not go back to sleep at that time.

Im ok with him wanting to feed in the middle of the night but everynight is so inconsistent he wakes sometimes 12-1 and will fo back to sleep in his swing or between 2-3 this time even tho he wants more sleep i cant get him back down so will feed to helo i just feel like he wants to sleep but cant resettle
Your not doing anything wrong, he's being a baby. That's what babys do. My son is the same age (roughly) as yours (I remember from other posts) and he will go to bed inbetween 9 & 10pm, sleep till 12-1am, has a feed, goes back to sleep till 3-4am then has another feed then sleeps thru till about 7:30-8am. So yeah my boy wakes twice still for a bottle each time, sometimes I can get him to sleep without a bottle but he sleeps much better with a full belly. And he will sleep maybe 4-5 times a day for about half hour each.
What your describing is normal behaviour for a 5 month old. Don't stress that your doing anything wrong, babys will be babys. He should continue to get better at sleeping from now on. At 6-7 months some babys sleep thru the night.

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