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10 week old won't resettle after feed in night. Lock Rss

Hi my 10 week old baby girl wakes in the night for a feed and won't resettle for at least 2 hours after that just cries the whole time. It's getting very tiring as will sleep on me after bottle feed but as soon as you put her in her bassenet she'll cry for ages. Til you pick her up then she's wide awake for at least an hour. We have the baby shusher and that only seems to help earlier on in night and she won't take to a dummie
Has she always done this or has it just started?
If it has been for a while it might be wind or reflux. I found with mine if I kept them upright/cuddling/asleep for half an hour after a feed then they would go down ok afterwards.

Hi, there can be number of possibilities, reflux, colic etc. Ask your health visitor if this continues for a few more day. BTW, did you try swaddling her? It gives them the feeling security and comfort as in the womb. May be because the bassinet is cold compared the warmth of your body, baby is more comfortable when close to you. She is still very young to start a routine and adjust in bassinet. Have you just recently shifted her to bassinet? If yes try to keep this transition slow, so start with one nap in the bassinet/crib and gradually work your way to full time.
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