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restless sleeper Lock Rss

So my lovely 6 month old has decided to do a 180 in sleeping, he used to go to bed around 8 wake once maybe twice but easily settled and be up at 6 but now hes pushing bed time till about 9-10 waking up at 12 and maybe every hour to 2 hours. When he wakes hes moving around first then starts crying and is quite hard to settle although seems asleep in your arms. put him down and wait for the dredded 5 am wake up after all the mini wakeful times. Hes recently started sitting unaided for small periods of time but unsure if this has anything to do with it or hes waking and realising ik not there and has a bit of seperation anxiety. Hopefully wont last too long any advice will be great!
When babies learn new skills (like sitting etc) it's often accompanied by sleep regression. Hope he will go back to being a good sleeper for you soon! Teething can also affect their sleep. Tough first year for babies! And their mums x
Check out this help page - scroll down to get the advice offered.
The website has loads of helpful info

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