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7 month old daughter wakes frequently at night!! ???? Lock Rss

Ok sorry in advance for long post!!
so my nearly 7 month old daughter used to sleep 10-12 hours a night from about 6 weeks until she was 4 months old. Then she got bronchiolitis and had her 4 month vaccinations around then and has stopped sleeping through since (only has slept through a small handful of times). I think maybe she was thrown out of routine due to her being sick but now I don't know what to do!

I've been trying lots of things. I'm breast feeding and she always falls asleep while feeding so I'd always hold her up for a bit after (due to reflux also) and then put her down. The past few days she's even been waking up nearly hourly during the night!! I try not to feed her every time she wakes up, but she always nuzzles in and I think it's now just a comfort thing. (She's not into dummies) Ive tried putting her into bed awake but sleepy, patting, singing, rocking etc...also I get to a point during the night where I turn into a zombie and give up and bring her into bed with me, but now I'm sure she is just used to that also!

it's just getting to me now and I'm beating myself up now as I feel like i am failing as a parent as I have created bad habits and it's my own fault. I'm just so tired and I don't know what to do anymore. Has anyone been through something similar?? Please help??
I also was referred to tresillian, but they are on holidays until next week and I don't know how long the wait is.

Also, she always goes back to sleep when I help her in some way.. But just doesn't stay sleeping!! I miss my champion sleeper lol!!
You could try the verbal reassurance method?

This may be in no way helpful but...

Your story is pretty similar to mine, except my girl has never slept well (so much trapped wind, for prob first 8 months of her life?). Also bf her back to sleep. She'd seem to sleep better for a couple days, then it would turn to sh*t again. Randomly wake 1-2 hourly for a week or so, then go for longer stretches again.

She's now almost 11 months and she still hasn't slept through, though last night did 2x 5hr blocks. Absolute bliss!! Anyway, I was going to say - don't beat yourself up about it. They go through so many changes developmentally, learn so much, teethe etc and for some it really affects their night sleep. I just think if it works to feed them back to sleep, just do it. It won't last forever (though it feels like it), and if on occasion you co-sleep so you can get a little bit extra sleep so what smile
Hi. Not sure if this will help but I am currently in the same boat. My lo is 7and a half months and has slept some 10 hour nights so I know she can do it but that isn't very often. Last night was one of the most shocking nights we've had. She gets air trapped and can't burp- hence wakes allot. She was up every hour!! Just keep doing everything in the same routine and she'll figure it out eventually. I've tried getting her to sleep other ways but so far nothing else works other than feeding, so I'd rather do that then fight with her all night. We don't have too many bad nights like this so I think she's teething as well as she's very clingy today. I feel your pain , hang in there !!!
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