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Hi everyone smile I'm a FTM and my DD is 14 weeks at the moment. Her sleep has been out of wack for 2 weeks now and has been really unsettled throughout the day. I initially thought she was teething (she isn't) I then took her to the docs go get any illness's ruled out and she's completely healthy so I'm now pretty certain she has hit a sleep regression and rather than typically at 4 months hers hit a wee bit earlier. She will not sleep unless she is rocked or nursed to sleep, she wakes up sometimes 5+ times a night and I'm assuming the big issue is that she doesn't know how to fall asleep on her own so when she wakes she obviously relies on the sleep crutches me & her dad have created to get her back to sleep. Afrer researching & buying the book we're really keen to give the PU/PD method a go. Can anyone who's had success with this give us some tips? and exactly how they used the method?

I'm not sure what the PU/PD method is but if you search my name in the forums I have posted previously on some tips to get babies to sleep independently. Good luck, my thought are with you in this tough time.
We gave this a go although when my Bub was a bit older (maybe around 5-6 months). To be honest it didn't work. I think it was just confusing to my son and we found it long and drawn out and putting him down just as he was calming down was a sure way to guarantee to upset him. My suspicion is it would have worked eventually but we didn't stick it out long enough.

Every child and every parent is different so what works for some people won't work for another. My son was a terrible sleeper and I'm a real softy for crying babies so we didn't get my son to sleep through until he was 2 yrs old and have tried every tsleep training method in the book. I think you just need to be consistent in setting up the conditions you want to associate with sleep and be patient and it'll happen eventually however sleep training will improve things quickly if you commit to it and are consistent every time, even if this means several hours of pu/pd at 4am in the morning when it's the 5th wake up of the night... That's where I always failed in getting them to work!

Good luck. Hopefully it works for you
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