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cot creeper Rss


Does anyone else's baby wriggle to the head end of the cot during the night and then cry or fuss because they can't wriggle down? Do they ever learn to wriggle down again or do they just keep trying to move up and up even though they can't? I have visions that my baby will move around the perimeter of the cot with the look like she is swimming on dry land!

Why do they do this and will they ever stop?

It really is starting to interrupt our night sleep having to move her down the cot every few hours. Any tips? Suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.


How old is your baby? Does she get wrapped or have a sleeping bag?

Kyla is 8 months now so can crawl around up and down the cot when she wants but a sleeping bag may help your baby?

OH yes, they learn to wiggle down, side ways, backwards, front wards - its just hilarous. The transition from when they first start roaming the cot is really frustrating. It does take them a bit to get use to self settling if they happen to wake themselves (hit the side) or to simple move/roll over if they get a leg or arm stuck through the bars.

I don't know if they ever stop roaming/wiggling. I have friends with older kids that still roam their beds, some even fall out as move that much. I remember my nieces and nephews if bunking with me would kick me all night - I'd end up sleeping on the floor as more comforatable - lol.

I think if you can ride it out, try and let your bub get use to self settling - that it will pay off eventually. I still wake up if I hear DD hit the side of the cot, or even make a sigh. She rarely even wake now, simply rolls herself over, happy as larry. Those times where she does wake herself, I will listen and give her a chance to settle back down. I use to go straight in, but soon realised that it was better to give her a chance to self settle.

When DD first started to roam I removed all of her blankets. I found those to be a real hinderance, as well as I was worried she might get caught up and smother. As its cold now, I use fleecy PJ's then a sleeping bag over the top. That means DD is constantly warm and toasty, can roam all she likes and be safe and sound. Works like a charm, I am so very lucky.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi mummies,

many thanks to all who responded regarding babies who manage to get themselves up the head end of the cot! For Nushie, we elevated the head end of the cot and it managed to stop her from hitting her head at the end for now until she gets stronger I suppose.

OUr baby is 7.5 months and yes, we do put her in a sleeping bag overnight.

Glad to know that she isn't the only one, many thanks again to you who replied.

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