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Feeding through the night Lock Rss

Hi my boy is 7 months old and still wake up at least twice a night. He has solids and is formula fed. When he wakes i have been giving him a bottle. Just wondering what other parents did to get their babies to sleep all night or at least cut back on how many times a night they wake for a feed.
I can't remember at what age he started , but if I knew he was fed and had enough water when he cried I went in give a cuddle then out again this happened over a few nights then slept through.
Hi Amber,

It gets so much easier after they turn 1 so you don't have long to go.

What time does bubs go to bed and what time is his dinner and bath? I found that with my son he still woke once or twice a night until he was walking (then he was so tried from walking around all day that he slept through the night) He did have the dummy up until 9 months and that always soothed him back to sleep if he woke in the middle of the night.

Does he have a few naps during the day? How long does he nap for?

You can always try changing forumals to a thicker one? Or adding farex to his bottle before bed? Most babies will wake once or twice in the night, it's completely normal (not good for us tired Momma's) but he will sleep through eventually!

Hello thank you for your reply.
He has tea between 5 and 6.30 it usually depends on what time he naps. Hes not a long sleeper during the day he will only sleep for about half an hour. Its not very often he has a long nap. Hes already been on a few different formulas, we tried him on the hungry baby formula but it made him more unsettled. So just put him back what had been having. I have heard of putting farex in his bottle before bed but wasn't sure if i should try it.
I tried making dinner 6.30pm - 7pm and a bath just after (depending on how cold it is at night) That use to settle my little one. It is still normal for them to wake a few times in the night.

We started off with half a teaspoon of Farex in his night time bottle then when he was about 9-10months we did a full teaspoon which seemed to help smile

Is he always wanting a bottle when he wakes in the night or just comfort/cuddle from you?
I might get some farex and try that then. Sometimes he is happy with a cuddle. If he is offered milk he will always have it tho. He shouldn't be hungry when he goes to bed he has solids for tea and a bottle before bed to settle him and help get him to sleep. He has a dummy as well. Maybe its just a boy thing lol
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