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Hi, I have a 7 week old who's sleeping is just getting worse and worse and I'm just so tired (I realise I am not alone here). It also causes me a bit of anxiety as I really don't know what to do.
For about three weeks now he is near impossible to get him to nap through the day and then he is cranky. He was going ok through the night but now even nights are becoming more unsettled. Everyone told me it should all start to settle down after about 6 weeks, well that's not true in our case.
I know our days have no structure to them. We are always busy but our night time routine does not change.
Do you think it's too early for sleep training? I've been looking into routines but am not sure what would be best for our family.
Any suggestions would be appreciated ????
Lordy that sounds rough. You are doing an amazing job, don't forget that.

Sleep training isn't recommended for babies under 6 months, and there's limited evidence to support any of the most common types actually working. They might 'work' by teaching your baby that they won't receive a response when they cry (not a good thing as its their only form of communication) but not otherwise. And there are always future blips where sleep will be tough for them again.

As a parent of a baby who doesn't fit the average I have so much empathy for you. My baby naps on a parent mostly and we are ok with this. Baby is improving so much but it's slow progress and up and down but a steady trend up over time. I found some articles on The Spinoff helpful, as was the podcast about sleep on 'Dear Mama' and the website Also The Wonder Weeks is an amazing book.

Try and ignore all the 'drowsy but awake' type advice and know that you cannot spoil a baby. Meet their needs in the best way you can. But don't forget to look after you. Kia kaha e hoa

Thanks for the reply Sarah. Ive decided to just roll with the punches until he is three months and if things aren't any better I might try some professional help.
But reading through some of the topics I'm not sure anything will 'fix' him but hopefully just help us a little ????
Hi Grubgal,
My baby is almost 5 months now and I noticed a huge difference when I started wrapping/swadling him during the day for naps (until about 2.5 months I was only wrapping him at night). He might only nap for 40 mins but I've been told that's perfectly normal. The other thing i didn't recognise as a first time mum were his "tired signs" but once I started to notice them (for example going from perfectly happy one min to crying for no reason the next) I would wrap him, put a lullaby on and he'd soon be asleep. This is the one i used to use
But he now has a vtech portable soother (monkey that plays sounds/lullabies and can have a timer set to turn off after an hour) so we use that but youtube is just as good.

I hope this helps even a little, good luck.
Every baby will have their own routine as a newborn. They are still learning to cope with the outside world from the utero. Some babies take longer to learn night from day. With my daughter, I allowed her to set the pace. What I did do to help encourage a routine was to keep the room in bright natural light throughout the day. Take her outside in the sun for 15min at lunch time. Then in the evening, keep the room dark, keep her away from blue light (tv, computer, smart phones) and use a dim lamp for light for me. At night dark room. No nightlights. This helped me personally. I also did rock and soothe her during sleep and nap times. She was sleeping 6hrs a strech around 1month old and now can sleep over 8hrs if I let her (i wake her to feed) she sleeps wonderfully during the day between feeds.

That worked for me personally. She is now 14 weeks and 2 days old. I still don't have a strict schedual. She will wake anywhere between 4am-7am. If she wakes early she has a feed and sleeps 3-4hrs more. If she wakes late then she feeds and has a 1-2hr nap. At night she falls asleep around 8pm-10pm. Rarely she will wake during the night.

It takes time ajd paitence. I have noticed times she has gass pain, silent reflux etc she is more restless. When I am stressed she picks up on it too.

Hope this helps.
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