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Tummy Sleeping Lock Rss

My 8 week old will not nap through the day unless I put him on his tummy. I have just spent the day at a day stay sleep centre and they could not get him to sleep any longer than 40mins and that was after an hour of trying.
They said I'm doing everything right and can't understand why he won't sleep when he's clearly tired and he sleeps on his back at night. They told me to persevere but i have tried this in the past with noticble improvement. It's so frustrating!!!
My 3 month old started catnapping at 8 weeks also. He’s still catnapping but I’m managing to resettle him 1 sleep a day, second or third usually. Babies day time sleep cycles start around 8 weeks due to brain development. It can take months for them to learn how to resettle. Main reasons for catnapping are hunger or being cold which may explain why your baby sleep well on his tummy. Babies need bedding day and night. Rather than trying to resettle Bub in their bed which can be frustrating, you could take them for a walk or drive. I put mine in the carrier sometimes, just make sure the air flow is ok. It took my first child 8 weeks to learn to resettle abd stop catnapping in the day so hang I there. It’s a phase that will pass. Just make sure they aren’t cold when they wake (feel their chest) and the have been awake long enough (at least 1.5-2 hours at a time.
Hope that helps. Hang in their and try not to let it get you down. They all do it. I’m surprised your sleep clinic didn’t know this. Good luck!!
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