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Hi all,
I'm new here and my wife and I need some help, we have 6 months old girl who doesn't want sleep any where other than our arms or in our bed, the only way for me to get her to sleep in her cot is I sleep with her and hug her in her cot which's back breaking as u can imagine for an adult. We tried to let her cry, get her so sleepy, feed her before bed, give her a shirt we were
wearing so she believes we still around (in a safe manner of course) but nothing works, btw she used to sleep perfectly when she was 4 and 5 months old and we haven't changed our habits with her, at the same time we just wondering if it has anything to do with teething ..
any ideas please on how do we get her to sleep in her cot?
Firstly I'd think about if anything is bothering her. Does she have teeth coming through, nappy rash, a cold etc. Or has she just learnt a new skill (sitting?). These things all can interrupt good sleep for a few weeks and it usually settles without any specific effort to sleep train.

My first baby was like what you described. Slept perfectly until about 5 months and then would wake every time he was in the cot but fall back asleep in seconds of me picking him up and bringing him into my bed. Unfortunately he was just a terrible sleeper. To be honest I tried everything for about 6 months and nothing worked. When my son was about 12 months we gave up as we were so sleep deprived and just let him sleep in our bed. It was fantastic for us as he started sleeping and we started sleeping. He's now 4 and sleeps in his own bed most of the night (he sometimes comes in in the early hours of the morning) as he got to the age where we could reason with him (bribe!) to use his bed.

My next baby was completely different and happily sleeps in her cot for naps and overnight and we did nothing different at all. I think some babies need more help than others.

Personally if I were you I'd have a chat with your child health nurse or GP. They can check if there's anything specific bothering your girl which is keeping her up. Otwhrwise if you're in a city there's probably a sleep centre they could refer you to where you stay overnight and child health nurses help teach you ways to promote good sleep. If all else fails co-sleeping might be an option if you're open to it but I'd chat with your GP or someone about the risks and how to do it as safely as possible.

Hope it's just a phase she's going through. Things change so quickly at that age she might go back to sleeping in a week or two!
Thanks heaps for the info, well I believe she might be teething as she like to bite on anything and she desperately wants to feel our love all the time I also noticed she dribbles saliva so I'm assuming it's her teeth, but also she just Learned how to set up on her own..
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