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Grobag anyone? Rss

Hi. I am using grobags with my 10 week old. I bought a 0.5 tog and a 2.5 tog, but my nursery is quite warm and am only using the 0.5 tog. i want to buy another one and cant find it!

I want an 0.5 tog in the 6 -18 month size (my DS is 7 kilos already and is 64cm, and his 0-6month one is already looking small!).

I have tried the bumpto3 website (official grobag seller) and they are sold out, I have tried ebay, and I am watching one but may not get it! Does anyone know of anyone wanting to sell one? I would be very interested. you can contact me on


I have a 0.5 tog bag but it is 18-whatever is in girly colours too. Sorry. Try places like Babies Galore...when bumpto3 sold out I rang them and they had plenty.
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