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My daughter has just turned 6 months old.
She is starting to teeth (is dribbling quite a lot and chews on anything and everything)....
I put her to bed at about 6.30 and she usually sleeps thru to 12 or so continually. I give her a bottle (150ml but only drinks probably half of it). She then goes back to sleep, but then is awake every hour on the hour after that. I am just putting her dummy back in her mouth.

Any suggestions to what I can do to help her sleep all thru the night?

Cassandra, QLD, 5mth baby

you may not like using my suggestion but the
ONLY thing that has helped Lillie who is also 6 months and teething like a bat out of hell,is Nurofen?!!
It is so wonderful,on the nights when she is in pain,i add it to her 6o'clock bottle,and she sleeps through!!!
also through out the day i give bubs a wet face washer to chew on


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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