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  5. Damn hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Lillie has always needed her dummy,especially now shes teething
she always wears a wondersuit to bed with the built in hand mittens

now she is in an "0" wondersuit they stop making the built in mittens!!!

she pulls her dummy out if she isnt wearing them
she can pull mittens off and lately have had to put 2 socks on each hand!!!!
But she can still get them off

how could i get her used to sleeping without mittens

Lillie....1 year old!!!

OMG i am having the same problem!!!!! why did they stop the mittens in the wondersuit at size 0???? its such a pain in the a$$! im going to email them and ask.....

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

hey mimmy did the delete that thread on brittney spears
Just a suggestion, my duaghter also has a dummy and occasionally when she is in a sleeping bag, I have turned the sleeves inside the body of the bag and she can't get her hands to her mouth or dummy to pull it out. Maybe that will work especially at night. Other than that perhaps buy a really long sleeve shirt if not sleeping in a bag and sew the sleeves up at the end.
Hope this helps.

Kate, WA

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