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How long is too long to let bub cry? Lock Rss

Just wondering how long everyone lets bub cry before going to them (if nothing's wrong, of course)? I don't want to do controlled crying or anything because bub's still too long, but sometimes I just can't take it any longer and let her cry. But how long is too long? If they're just overtired, will they eventually fall asleep???

Sam and Hayley and bub

Another lady emailed me some wonderful advice from the Tizzie Hall book 'Save our sleep' I wish I had done this months ago...
Little man now has a set routine and goes to bed awake and does cry a little but does fall asleep.
They say let them cry for 8 minutes (as long as its not a distressed cry) go in and pat (in their cot) until they stop crying (2 minutes) and repeat the 8 minutes again. If after 22 minutes they are still crying pick them up, comfort and start again.
I have found my little man now (after only starting this Monday) never takes longer than the first 8 minutes to go to sleep! It is amazing! It now is only probably 2 minutes max. If you want any more info just email me...
[email protected]

jess, WA, luvmyboys

I haven't left him longer than 10 mins. It's pretty hard to do even that every night I would imagine, luckily he is a good wee boy. If she is not a good sleeper, then perhaps you should try some book/ method?

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Unless you need time out yourself (and in that case make sure nothing is wrong, put them in a calm place and take the time you need to calm yourself) I would say at that age, and this is just my opinion, more then a minute is too long. My 2.5 yr old, from the day DD2 got home, tells me to go pick up vina (her nickname for DD2) if she is crying for more then a few seconds, even if moments before DD1 has wanted my attention.Motherly instincts already? who knows.

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

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