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not falling asleep without parents help Lock Rss

my son is a 6mth old and will not go to sleep without being held, rocked or BF to sleep. I tried controlled crying and he initially improved for two days then he became worse than ever. I still am trying to get him to fall asleep yet after 45mins to 1hr he is still crying, hence some days he has no morning sleep at all, despite tired signs,
Any suggestions would be appreciated

6mth boy

HAving had less than 5 hours sleep 2 nights in a row sitting with 1 of the twins in my arm and her sister crying 2 be picked up I need help......
I do not know what 2 do my twins is 5 months old I live in a country town where my partner works away most of the time, I do not have family in this country and friends is only a word. Now I find myself burnt out sleeping less and less everynight.
THe girls wake every 3 hours and want to feed I had stopped breast feeding cause my milk dried up. Even during the day if they have cat naps it is a miracle.
Please help I dont know what to do anymore..............
Hi Shani,

My name is Wendy and i have a 12 month old baby boy and i was just reading about what you were saying about putting the baby in bed with you just to get a little more sleep cause your so tired. I have been doing this for so long now i cant remember, he will also not go to sleep at any time of the day or night without falling asleep on the boob, i just wanted to know if you could tell me who the author of these books are it will probably be easier to get from the book shops if i know. What is so difficult in my situation is that i feel that i am ready to wean him off the breast now and have reached my goal of feeding him for 12 months and would like to eventually go back to work, he is also getting to wriggly now to feed, but he will not go to sleep without the breast, i suppose it is a comfort thing for him although i feel he is using me as a dummy now and thats all, he will take the bottle no probs and has had cows milk now aswell but it still comes down to the fact that he just wont go into his cot awake, i hope you or anyone else out there can help me, i dont know how often i can get onto this site so here is my email address,
Thank you, and your right, sleep deprivation is not pretty. Wen.

Wen, Qld, 12mth Boy

Hey Wendy,

just to let you know I've sent you an e-mail. Hope to hear from you soon

Smiles! grin
hi Tay

wow, sounds like you have more than your hands full, i, too, have twins, almost 5 mths old and know how demanding they are..
i have my good and bad days, and it does depend on how much sleep i have to how well i cope throughout the day
at the moment my girls are sleeping well, 4hrly feeds through the day, with about 1 1/2 hr- 2 hr sleeps, we have a tough time with them settling at 6-7pm, but we find if we wake them at 9.30-10pm to top up, then they will sleep through till about 6am
i am still expressing my milk for them, as we found it easier to feed both at the same time with my husbands help... but i am finding now that all the expressing and sterilizing is becoming very draining on me physically, not sure how long i will last, but was hoping to make the 6mth mark
i can also understand your isolation, my husband also works away, offshore for 3 weeks at a time, i don't have family in town, which is difficult

hope things are better for you, would love to hear an update

QLD, 2 Sets of Twins

Hi, Im new to this site, but am so glad I found it, My son is 13months old, and I have had the exact same problem with sleep time, Its started as putting him in bed with us just to get a bit of extra sleep, but now, he wont fall asleep for any 1 apart from me. he wakes at least 5 - 6 times plus a night, and the only way to get him back to sleep is to lay him on my bed. the other problem is, is my hair is like his security blanket. he grabs onto it and rubs it on hids face. I have tried to subtitute myt hair with other things but it wont work. I have tried to leave him go in his cot for as long as i can, but he ends up histerical. Please help any 1, and would you please be able to send me the details on that book aswell. thanks. any ones advise would be very much apppreciated. Im glad in a silly way that Im not the only one out there though that has a baby that wont fall asleep on there own. But it is realy realy tireing me out.

Jayme, Vic, mother of Owen & Jack

Hey Jayme,

Just a quick note to let you know I've sent you an e-mail. Thinking of you,

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