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only 40 minute day naps? Lock Rss

My little girl is four and a half months old and only sleeps for 2-3 40 min naps during the day. She sleeps well at night from about six till 9, waking 3 times for a feed and back to bed. She self settles. Just wondering if any other bubs do this?

Hi there - my baby girl is doing the same thing. She is almost 4mths and only sleeps 40mins at a time during the day. Night-time is good thou. Do you have Tizzi Hall 's book Save our sleep? I start the day by putting her down around 9am for her first sleep - she then wakes 40 mins later. Tizzi Hall recomends not to re-settle when she wakes but get her up and encourage sleep by either going for a walk, or placing bub in a bouncer this way bub learns to go to sleep on either own. This has not worked for me - when i get bub up she is awake for only an hour then falls asleep for only an hour and so on throughout the day sleeping for an hour and awake for an hour. By the end of the day she sometimes screams and wont feed because she is so tired and has not had enough sleep.

I have gone back to what i used to do - that is re-settle bub in her cot-she then is able to fall asleep within 10mins (with my help-patting ect) and when she wakes for her 11am feed she is happy because she has had her sleep.

I just dont know what to do either with her 40mins sleeps during the day?

Has anyone tried Tizzi halls advise on this?
Hi There,
My bub was having the same problems during the day. To tackle the problem i made sure her room was good and dark, put her in her sleeping bag so she couldn't pull her dummy out and put a calming cd on for her to listen to. Celine Dion has a lullaby cd out that seems to work wonders with dd at the moment. Hope this helps xx


My DS is almost 4mths now and has never been a big daytime sleeper - but does sleep 12hrs at night and has done since he was 9wks. During the day I've found he has about 3 'rests'. I usually put him in his cot around 10amish and he goes to sleep around 10.30 to a little after 11. Then he has another hour snooze from about 2pm to 3pm, then again from about 5-6. He goes to sleep at night sometime between 8.00-9.30ish and wakes around 8am.
Soon as my daughter was 6 weeks that when she stop sleeping 3 hours during the day and it use to drive me crazy and Jaye is 11 months old now and she only sleeps for 30 minutes if im lucky and now I dont worry about and when Jaye is up and when I need to do things around the house I let her help me in her own one and it keeps her happy for while til she needs a feed and the only time she will sleep a long time during the day is if I lay down with her and have a sleep to.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09


My little boy is 4 months and his 3 day sleeps are about an hour. He is awake between 1 1/2 to 2 hours and goes to sleep quite well. He is usually asleep 10 mins from being placed in his cot. I thought that this wasnt enough for him. He has about 11 - 12 hours a night (inc 1 pretend feed). I spoke to a few people (experts included) and received varying advice.
I am now settled with his routine, not worrying about what other babies do - he wakes up happy, and if he needs more sleep he sleeps longer himself.
If your baby is happy and healthy and you are fine with what is happening, keep going.

Mel, NSW, The Babe 26.01.06

my little one is the same, he power naps through the day then sleeps from 7pm - 2am then a feed then sleeps again til 630ish. the same every day. i have been told that its no problem if they dont have long sleeps through the day. if he doesnt want to sleep he watches cartoons or kicks on his play mat. he loves it.

Kel and Andrew

Hi Casey7 my daughter is 11 1/2 months old and she still doesnt sleep long during the day and she would only sleep for half hour if im lucky and it use to bother me but now it doesnt cause I realise that Jaye will know when she is tired and when she up and if I have things to do around the house she follows me and that make her happy.

I think your daughter just loves being with you and doesnt want to miss anything while she is sleeping and she might just need 40 minutes to boosb her energy and keep going.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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