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10mth old having nap problems Lock Rss

I have a 10.5month old that used to self settle for any sleep during the night or day. Now she will only go to sleep during the day if I feed her to sleep (still breastfed).
She used to be the best baby when it came to sleep, now I have the day nap problem and she also wakes 2-3 times during the night oh and she still wakes at 6am for a feed after going to bed at 8pm.
How did I get it all so wrong. Does anyone else have similar problems.
hi there

my dd is 9mth old and i can't get her to self settle during the day at all... she self settles every night and sleeps from 7 - 5amish like clock work after a 10min breastfeed, she has 2 x 1.5hr sleeps during the day (she either falls asleep on the boobie or i rock her to sleep)...

when i have tried to let her self settle during the day she screams and gets so upset that i can't handle it all.... (funnily enough she has never carried on like that at night ever or i would have caved in and never got any sleep... thank god for that)

every now and then she might wake at night, but she will whinge for a bout 2-3 mins then crash again, she has just had a pretty bad head cold for 2 weeks and it played havoc with her sleeping, but as soon as she was better i just started our routine again... it only took one bad night and we are back on track...

i know that we feel like we are doing something wrong when our babies don't sleep well but i guess you just have to go with the flow, and it does not make you a bad parent if your baby doesn't want to sleep through at night... it just makes you sleep deprived!!!!


Kristie, tvlle, 3.5yr & newborn

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