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HELP with 4mth bub Waking thru night Lock Rss

Hi there

Hoping that you can share some advice/tips with me. At around 10weeks my son "was" sleeping from 830pm - 4am then feed and back to sleep til 7am, this was great! But for the last couple of weeks now he has been very unsettled and waking several times through the night. There's no consistency with times that he's waking or whether he's hungry or just grizzling, some nights i can be up & down putting his dummy back in his mouth and he'll drift of to sleep for an hour (maybe) other nights he'll have a decent feed and go back to sleep for a couple of hours other nights he starts having a feed and drifts back of to sleep after 5mins. Im at a loss what he's actually waking up for ... a cuddle? his dummy? a feed? is he cold? i try everything and he does go back to sleep but its just a matter of for how long and what did he actually wake for? Its funny cause ill be frustrated through the night but without fail when we get up for the day he smiles and melts my heart and im over it until the night begins again. This last week i have started giving him rice cereal at night to see if it helps. I just wonder if anyone else has experienced these sleeping prob's with their bubs at around the same age?? any idea's would be great. im thinking i just have to persevere until he decides to sleep through again until then i have to get use to the comments on how tired i look from others.

Stacey, WA


My DS started doing this when he was just over 4 months. He was a beautiful sleeper until then, then all of a sudden he decided to wake up to 10 times a night, either for a cuddle or play! I thought he must have started teething but after 2 weeks and decided to start solids. I started rice cereal in the morning, then after a few days vegies at night. It took a few nights but he was back to sleeping thru. Obviously he was a hungry baby!

Maybe try introducing some vegies at night and see how you go.

Yvonne, WA, Beautiful Baby Boy 29/11/2005

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