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Hi everyone! i hope i dont bore you with what could be a long post!
My boy is 6 1/2 mths but was 2 mths premmie. He was a extremely unsettled baby and not until about 3 1/2mths did i get him into one of the tizzie halls routines.
Sleep during the day(he has 2 sleeps of an hour and a half to two hours and a nap) became fantastic and he was like a new baby. During the night he would stir a few times and i would roll him to the other side(he has never liked sleeping on his back). He has only ever sleep through 2 times but not on consecutive days.
He is now on 3 solids a day and 4 bottles and i have weaned him off his dreamfeed as the dr said he was eating to much and im happy i can now go to be a little earlier.
Anyway for the last week he has been waking at nearlly ever hour of the night and by 4am he thinks its wake up time however his not crying for a feed. I know that he is teething at the moment and this can affect sleep but it does not seem that it is his teeth as i normally know when his teeth are bothering him (hope that makes sense).
i dont know what to do? Do i go back to the dreamfeed? Do i put him to bed later than 7pm like tizzie Hall suggests (not sure if he will stay up later as he has no probs going to be at 7)?
Please can someone give me advice i have had very little sleep and i go back to work in july and would love to have a baby that sleeps through
Thanks in advance

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

Not really an expert on this tizzie hall i just do what I think my baby needs.

So ill tell you what we did in a similar situation.

Khiarah was sleeping through the night from 6 till 6 sometimes 7 and then she decided that it would be great to wake up at 4 am as well. SAmething not crying just wake up and in her cot talk to herself, but make it clear that she did not want to go back to sleep as really she had had plenty.

So DF and I spoke and decided that we would push her bed time back and give her an extra nap during the day at about 5/5.30 for only about 30 minutes. That way she would not be too tired when her 'new' bedtime came around.

Now she goes to sleep at about 7.30/8 and will sleep through until 7/7.30.

MAybe you could give that a go and see what happens. This is just a suggestion, and like I said I dont know anything on this tizzie hall so I dont knoiw if she reccommends this if you are already in one of her 'rountines'.


Kades mummy,

I also have a 6 1/2 mth old and have found that she has dropped the after noon nap.

She follows Tizzie's routine also and has her 9am and 1pm nap which is normally 2 hrs but has dropped her late afternoon nap.

She is slightly grizzlier at night so we just haave a 20 minute bath with lots of cuddles and playtime and she goes down at 7pm.

When he wakes does he cry? My DD has been waking at various times of night and cries - she needs a quick pat and she goes back off to sleep quickly.
My CHN said that they start to nightmare about this age also so that could be responsible for the waking.

Teeth can play up with their sleeping as they seem to move in their gums alot at night which you could try some Nurafen for and see if that helps.

Other than that.. I know how you feel!
I know what you mean,
Chloe has alwaqys been a good sleeper at night but now it's liek a switch has flicked in her head, I was up until 2.15 with her a couple of nights ago and it wasn't like she was upset, she just wouldn't sleep.
i went to my local clinic for help as I'm really wiped out and they suggested teeth, it seemed odd to me as she wasn't screaming or anything but I think they may be right as she's doing some strange stuff today with her tongue and i think i see a smidge of white coming up.
I have found though that she slept better yesturday and the day before when I started to routine her (something I've never done) I have had to do the last few days down like clockwork (getting up feeding etc at the same time every day), I still can't get her to sleep right through but she only woke up once last night and i got 9 hours sleep YIIPEE!!!
I miss my lovely chile who was a dream sleeper but I think i can now see her on the horizon
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