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Sleep patterns for 4 month baby not happening!!! Lock Rss

I have a little baby girl, Stephanie, who is just over 4 months, from birth she has only woken once a night around 3 - 3.30ish, so she was sleeping anywhere from 5 - 6 hours.

On the 12th May I transferred her from the bassinet to cot and since then she has had me awake some nights up to 5 times, seems to be every couple of hours. The problem is I'm not sure if its the cot or just a phase she is going through?...or pure coincidence?

She has her last feed at approx 9pm and will usually fall to sleep anywhere from 10 - 11pm, now she has decided that 1pm is a great time to wake and then every couple of hours from then!! Lucky mum!!

I'm breastfeeding her and starting to wonder if its time for solids, my health nurse says try to hold off at the moment as she is still doing the tongue thrust thingy...then when I talk to other people with children I get told don't listen to the health nurse??what the???

So yes mum is very confused and tired and wondering if anyone out there has had similar issues. Also I'm not using a dummy at the moment so when shes crying I'm picking her up and feeding her till she falls to sleep.

Looking forward to hearing from all you experts out there!!!
Regards Jodie


it can be a hard transaction from bassinet to big cot!!

if you are feeding her every time she wakes then she is going to expect it,and her little body clock will atually wake her and wait for mummy to come in with the goodies!!!

if you feel as though she would like to start solids give it a go

not all nurses ar right,lots are fantastic, but personnaly,the ones i have here are awful

the fuller she is throughout the day , the better she will sleep at night,so if your happy to try solids go for it!!

Lillie....1 year old!!!

My baby boy Jordan is 4 and a half months and I have just started him on solids. He started to get up in the middle of the night for feeds again, and that is how I knew that it was time.

I have also been putting him in his cot in his own room for day sleeps for the past 3 weeks. Maybe it was too quick and sudden for you baby. I am making the transition slowly.

When she wakes, is she crying or just stirring? Jordan often wakes up during the night, stirs, and then puts himself back to sleep. He does whinge and starts to cry a little, but I perservere and leave him.

It could be that she is going from one sleep cycle to the next. Dont feed if its been less than 4 hours.


Hi Jodie

Glad to hear I am not the only one with a four month old that wont sleep. I have a littlle baby boy, Cooper, who has never been a good sleeper. I am in the process at the moment of moving him into his own room into a cot, hopefully this will go well.

Cooper does not sleep during the day, as soon as you put him down, he is awake after the most 25 mins, I have tried, dummies, sleeping bags, self settling, patting, rocking, wrapping..and nothing will work. I kind of have some sort of pattern at night, which sounds very similar to yours. I bath him at around 8.30pm, feed him and he is usually asleep by about 10pm, he will then wake anywhere between 2 and 4 (4 if I am lucky). he has a bottle of formula at this feed, then goes back to sleep, but his sleep from this point on is very unsettled, constant groaning and tossing, he will only sleep for usually another 1-2 hours after this, which is so frustrating, because he should be going for alot longer..especially on the bottle.

Would love to hear from all you mothers out there that are in a similar situation or have been in this situation and have some good advice.


Hi Jodie,

Sounds like a rough time you are having. I cant comment on the cot issue as I put my boy into the cot from the day he got home from the hospital - he slept in it very well from the beginning.

I agree with the advice given above about feeding, feed only if they are hungry otherwise the baby will associate waking up with feeding. My boy (also 4 mths) has a night nibble at 1am before returning to sleep - this 'feed' lasts 5 minutes and I tried to dummy him back to sleep but he screamed. He doesnt have a dummy, so I am persevering with the interuption until he is ready to give it up or i want an unbroken sleep. The older the baby they apparently tend not to take the dummy.

How does your baby sleep during the day? Maybe the is a link between the two. Regarding the advice, i thought my boy had a sleeping problem (unfounded by everyone - except my expectations), i spoke to people, sought advice applied some ideas but also listened to my instincts.
Hope you find ways to make your baby sleep. Good luck

Mel, NSW, The Babe 26.01.06

Hi there. Was you're baby sleeping in the bassinet in your room or her own room? Charlie was sleeping in the bassinet in our room and when it came time to transfer her into the cot I put the bassinet in her room next to the cot for a few days. Then I started her day sleeps in the cot , then went to night sleeps after about 2 or 3 days and she adjusted well.

I was worried about the transfer as Charlie liked being rocked in her bassinet and I obviously couldn't do that in the cot!

I also put bubba to bed about 7pm and she sleeps much better (and longer) than if she went to bed later on.

Hope you find a solution. Good luck!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

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