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waking wide awake throughout night. Lock Rss

My 51/2 mth old hardly sleeps through the day usually cat naps about 2-3 times a day, she goes down to bed around 730pm-830pm and wakes up wide awake not crying (until she realises no-one has gotten her up) around 2-3 times a night...
i don't know what else to do i have started her on rice cereal and also has vegies for tea and custard throughout the day so she is getting plenty of food, i give her a 240 ml bottle about half an hour before bed and she goes down in her cot on her own with a bit of fuss but soon settles on her own to sleep.
I have been getting her up for a bottle at this stage as it is the only way to get her back to sleep, how do i get out of this?
i thought it may be teething as she has had all classic symptoms but in the night she is not distressed rather wide awake and wants to play, i have been putting her in the jolly jumper in the afternoon to try and wear her out and all but nothing seems to help my rascal sleep atleast until 5-6am?????

Renay, NSW, 6mth baby girl.

this really has me puzzeled!!!!

she is waking but is no pain?!?!

mabey its silent teething lol

i really have no explination for you sorry
xxxx smile xxxx

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Renay
I put a post on earlier today about going insane. Im having the same problem and it starts at about 1 in he morning the last week he has been awake from 4 each morning. I hope someone can give us a magic answer cause im sososososo tired

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

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