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Anybody with an 11 month old that won't sleep Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I just need to talk to other mothers who have the same problem as me.

I don't kbnow how we come to this point were my daughter won't sleep but I must say it is driving me MAD!. She constantly wakes every night usually 3-4 times a night and usually the only way I can get her to sleep is to bring her into our bed then usually she goes to sleep straight away. This is one problem my other problem is to try and get her sleep this is a mission in itself. We took her dummy away from about 4 months old as she would wake during the night as she had lost it, that was fine straight away she slept through until she started teething she got 2 teeth at once then another 2 teeth a couple of week later she had 4 teeth by 6 months. All I think think is that when it all started she would go to bed by herself I had to give her a bottle to go to sleep and then she would sleep through.

Her day sleeps are also a mission. For this I usually have to rock her to sleep or give her a bottle or try and arrange trips in the car around the time she would sleep so that she sleeps in the car.

She is a very determined and strong willed little girl. I am at the moment trying to get accepted to a sleep clinic in Brisbane called the Riverton Centre so if there are any mums out there who have been here I would love to know how it went.

Sorry for the essay but I am at my wits end and just need to talk to someone who is in the same situation as me.As she is my first child I am not sure how to handle this is just seems that I am constantly fixing a problem with another problem.

Tired, stressed and frustrated Mum

Kristy NSW Mum to Aneika 22/6/05 and Perry 02/04/

how are things going im in a similar situation my daughter (not quirt 11 months) is doing the same thing and it driving me mad. she use to be perfect at night and would sleep thru no worriesbut now its a different story.
however she sleeps perfect thru the day has 1-2 day sleeps depending on lenghth of first one if she has the second one but it always at least 1 1/2 hours min (up to 3 1/2 hours)
she goes down ok some nights others i have to pat her or rock her or leave her to cry for a while than try again and once asleep wakes during the nite and wont go back to sleep unless in our bed and she will fall straight tosleep no worries. my daughter also got all her teeth at once bout the same age as your little one. she has 8 teeth now
i dont like the idea of getting her use to sleeping with us but i need to sleep and to make it worse im 32 weeks pregnant with no 2.

i know i prob havent helped but just to let you you know i understand and if you wanna chat im here

did you get into the sleep clinic?

danielle nsw dd 24/6/05, dd 26/7/06

Hi, I don't really have the answer for you either but I sure wish I did. I have twin boys nearly 10 months old that have never slept a full nights sleep. I think things are improving a little as they now go to bed at night around 8pm where it has previously been 10pm then waking around 1am for a bottle then 5am for another. They are now waking anything from 1am to 5am but of course not at the same time and not necessarily wanting a bottle either, they are very fidgety in their sleep. Of course I am doing the same as you and putting them in bed with me just to get some shut eye as I also have 3 other children besides the twins. This is the frustrating part, as soon as they hit my pillow they are asleep and normally within an hour or so of putting them back in their bed they are awake again. I don't really let them cry a lot, not only because there are the other kids to think about but because they become quite upset and then it's almost impossible to settle them. So like a lot of others I am not much help to you other than being in the same situation x 2 and to say "surely it gets better - SOON". If anybody reads this and has twins I would love to hear ANY settling tips you have for twins, thanks and chin up

regards Sam

twin boys 15 mnths

Wow, can i relate.
My little one slept through from 6 weeks till about five months. Since then he wakes up through night. Im at my wits end.He generally settles back quite well and quick;but why is he waking id like to know.
Im starting to get paranoid asking myself questions like has he eaten enough, is he cold is he hot etc.
Hi Ak I know how you feel and my daughter is 1 on this month and she has been sleeping awful since she was 6 months old and we to have been teething and been sick with the cold so that hasnt help much and when I have put Jaye into her bed she will only sleep in it for half hour and that was every night so I was every tired and getting more frustation with her and myself.

I have started to give Jaye hurofen just before her last feed and its been working so far and putting something of myth in her cot so she thinks that im still near her.

Good luck and you arent alone for a mintue

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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