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Sleeping On Her Side Lock Rss

Hi there.
Does anyone elses baby sleep right on their side?
My 9.3/4 mnth old daughter has taken to waking during the night and then falling back to sleep on her side.
The other night I went in to check her after she woke and then went back to sleep and she was flat on her stomach.
I panicked and turned her over-thus waking her again! She was fine. I
t seems that if I put her down on her side she would go to sleep alot easier.
Is it safe at her age? Shes 10 months next week.

dd b. 31/07/05

My daughter sleeps on her tummy and has since she was 2 weeks old....

I dont think that it is a problem if they have proper neck control and i am assuming that your daughter would. But that is my thoughts and my entirely.

Are you worried about her sleeping on her side or tummy?


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