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Tresillian, Karitane & other sleep schools Lock Rss

Hi Girls. I was hoping that some of you can give me some much needed advice on any of the sleep schools? I dont have a problem with Kade during tha day its from 1am. It will be difficult for me to stay somewhere for a long period (i think its 4 nights at tresillian?) of time cause we run our own business. But some advice or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks in advance xoxox

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

my mum went to Tresillian with my sister

this was 24 years ago though lol

she said it was fantastic

my sister Sarah had been feed 2 hourely since birth and my mum was like a zombie

she was there a week and came home with a baby that slept through every night and fed 4 hourely

they saved her life

mind you she ended up with 4 kids and no routine lol

best of luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi kades mummy,

I went to Tresillian with Christopher and I found them absolutely amazing.

I stayed for 7 nights (its usually 5 nights) but you dont have to, they have day stays for parents who cant stay overnight. Have you rang the 1800 number to talk to them, they can usually help you over the phone and you may not have to go to the centre.

Honestly babe, if you can find the time to go for the overnight stays DO IT!! I cannot say enough how wonderful they were and you will leave there with a huge boost of confidence in your mothering skills and decision making for your child. The skills they teach you are for life.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - on your second night there, they take bub and look after them all night, they are only just down the hall so if you dont know how you would go you can get up and check on them, but my guess is you will be pushing out some much needed zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

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