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heaters in babys room???? Lock Rss

hi guys

can anybody offer some advice about safe heaters/electric blankets to use in my bubbas room at night??? we have moved to brisbane from townsville and we are seriously freezing!!!! it was like 6 degrees and my baby won't sleep under blankets at all!!!

i've got her in fleecy tracksuit and a sleepsuit but i don't think it is going to be enough once winter really starts....



Kristie, tvlle, 3.5yr & newborn

we're in victoria and the nights here a freezing

we only have a reverse cycle that only warms the lounge!!!

i use a cylider heater in DD's room as there is no flame or anything

they work really well ,jus pop them on whatever temp you want and they make her room so warm and cosy,DEFINITLTY helps her sllep through

i reccommened these


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Kristie

We use a oil filled colum heater in our bub's room. We have it on quite low at night, just enough to keep the chill off the room. It's also got a thermostat so it can be kept at a constant temperature. Bub goes to sleep wearing a long sleeve bodysuit, a sleepsuit and a sleeping bag and she doesn't seem to get cold at all. She doesn't really need blankets which is just as well because she never stays under them.

I think I would steer clear of electric blankets for bubs.

Hope this helps.

Karen, ACT, baby girl July 2005

Hi Kristie
I live about 3 hours north-west of Brisbane and we got down to -1 this morning!!!!! Jeb doesn't like sleeping bags as he can't move properly and he always kicks his blankets off!! I bought a new style of heater from retavision called a Micathermic Column Heater made by Omega. It has a thermostat on it to keep bubs room at a certain temp and it also has low, med., and high switches so you can use less power over night but still get the same heating (the other switches just heat the room up quicker and hotter you just switch it down when it feels right) It doesn't make any noise as it doesn't have a fan. They are just a modern version of the old oil column heaters but cost a little more but are meant to be cheaper to run. I found it works really well. I turn it on about 45mins before Jeb goes to bed and turn it down when I put him in.
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