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Controlled Crying/comforting Lock Rss

I am probably going to sound like the devil but it has been playing on my mind alot and I was just wondering about letting your baby cry (obviously there are different techniques) does it worry anyone - Like long term.

I obviously not a fan and tend to lean toward attachment parenting more than anything. My friends think I am nuts. But the books I have read and sites I have looked at say that it works in the short term but long term it can cause more problems & insecurities later?

I have attached some links for you all to look at.

Again I don't want to sound like the devil (& each to there own) but I am interested in hearing opinons on this.
I'm not arguing for or against anything but with ALL the info out there now days every other person seems to have an opinion on what's good or not for OUR bubs......daycare is bad as it doesn't protect the bond between child and parent (someone else is effectively raising your child...fulltime care) or daycare is good as it encourages socialising and finding their individuality etc etc. The pros and cons of everything to do with bubs is endless. I think as long as YOU are comfortable with what you are doing and have tried to gather as much info on whatever it is you want to do and make a educated and gut decision then that's the best any parent can do. I don't think it's a matter for other people to say this is right and that is wrong and I'm get sick of people saying that this can harm your child in the future etc etc....where is the real proof?
I'm a big believer in going with your gut.....mother knows best and can tell when something isn't right with bub. What feels right to you might not to someone else. That's why sites like this are great as people can give ideas and share what has worked for them and hopefully give people the info they need.
I know this isn't exactly on controlled crying/comforting but I just felt it best to just generalise what I felt. smile
Oh Mavis_Rose, good on you for attachment parenting and following your instincts. I don't think you're nuts, we AP too.

BTW, the AAIMHI states that there are many negative consequences of CC and should not be used until the child has the ability to reason (ie I know mum's going to come back in). The ability to reason is not developed until around 3 years of age. They also linked CC in infants to greater risk of developing addictions in the teens.

Also James McKenna of the Natural Child Project has done heaps of lab research on CC, co-sleeping etc.... One of his findings found that the brain waves in infants left to cry were exactly the same as the brainwaves in infants experiencing physical pain.

And besides all that, I feel that I need to help my little boy to sleep, to help him learn and trust in me to help him.

Hayley, 1yr old toddler

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