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5am squirms Lock Rss

I am so glad I found this site. I have a 3month old and have for the past 2 weeks started her on a routine as demand feeding was leaving me with little sleep. My bub sleeps well during the day, good naps. She has her last feed at 7pm, falls asleep by herself at around 745 then doesn't wake until 3am. I give her a dream feed at 11pm. She then wakes at 5am every morning kicking and squriming and passing gas. I have blocked all the light into the room which makes it easier to settle her, but she keeps waking every half an hour approximately until I feed her at 7am. She doesn't cry, just keeps squirming herself awake. At her 3am feed I try and wind her but she is so relaxed during feeding that I rarely get a burp out of her. Is it possible for me to get her to sleep from 3 till 7? Is it wind? I get this great sleep until we hit 5 and because I'm up and down up and down I feel like I haven't slept. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And thanks for this exchange I say!!

Sharni, QLD

I ahve the same troubles with my little Aaron (nearly 5 mths). We give him his last feed at 6:30p, and he'll sleep through to 3 pm but after that he's waking up every 30 - 45mins.
I don't have a solution, but am eager if someone does...

Alicia - Baby Aaron (TAS)

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