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Teething issues - please help Lock Rss


I have 9 and 1/2 months old daughter. She has always been sleeping through the night and never had any issues with settling her for the bed time.

She has started teething when she was 7 months old (has only two lower teeth so far). For the last three night she has has been waking up almost every hour and I am so exauhsted. I was thinking that she is teething again but cannot really tell by looking at her upper gums. When she was teething at 7 months old she did not have any problems and would sleep through the night however it has affected her eating at that time. Could anyone please tell me if upper teeth could cause more pain and make baby more unsettled than lower teeth? Or is it something else that makes her wake up (i have not added any new foods to her diet)?

Thanks in advance,
Maria, mum of Sara
HI Maria, some professioanls like to tell us that teething does not cause disturbed sleep!!!! CRAP. Theo always has about 3-4 nights of bad sleep when he is teething and then goes back to his routine. I have found that the worse this disturbance the more teeth that are on their way. So he may be hurting this time around because there may be more teeth moving around. I use Nurofen which works a lot better than Panadol and losts of cuddles. I feel for you (every hour is a pain) but it will pass, just try to ride it out and get some rest during the day. NAomi
Hi Maria
Even though my little one is not yet sleeping thru. She sleeps from 7pm until 3.30am, for a bottle and then sleeps until 7am. But anyhow, she got her bottom two teeth which was a nightmare. But then she cross cut and instead of getting her top middle two, she got the two either side.
The whole works of waking every hour for 3 nights, yucky poos and nappy rash, and slihjt fever. I know the pros say teething does not disturb sleep, but it has to. You're not alone, hopefully it will pop through soon.

Nikki H, Perth, 8mth baby girl

Hi Maria,

I am not too sure if upper teeth cause more pain or not, your little girl maybe having more than one upper tooth come along at the same time. Our little one was very agitated and not sleeping properly when her top teeth came though, poor thing she got all 4 top ones at once!! That was in March, she is only just now settling down in the night again since March. I think that it was the 7th and 8th teeth (the other 2 on the bottom) that were also starting to move that caused her so much grief as well as us!

Hope this helps,

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