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night time change in sleeping Lock Rss

my DS is 12 weeks tomorrow, weighs probalby around 8 kilos. over the last week he has begun to wake at 12.30am and/or 1.30am and occassionaly from 4am in the morning. he has stopped catnapping through the day, and used to go to not wake at night until at least 2.30am for a feed. when he wakes earlier he isnt hungry. is this a normal thing for around 3 months? will he return to normal??
when he does wake i just leave him as he isnt really distressed, just whinging, talking and protest crying. he will eventually go back to sleep without any assistance.

They often wake at night especially through growth spurts which is common at 3mths and the best thing is to leave them unless they are distressed as it tends to turn into a habit and they wake to seek the attention they were getting.
As long as he isnt distressed or hungry I am sure things will go back to normal soon
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