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Should she still be having a bottle at 3.30am? Lock Rss

My little girl is still waking for a bottle at 3.30am, and polishes the lot off. She has 3 solid meals a day and a snack, and has 3 bottle during the day of 240mls. I can't squeeze another bottle in during the day, have tried but it messes us up. So instead, she is still waking for a bottle. Ngala suggested I give the bottle in the cot, which I do but am just wondering if there are any other mums doing the night feed still or am I just too soft?????

Nikki H, Perth, 8mth baby girl

Cant say that you are soft but she obviously needs that bottle because she isnt getting enough through the day.

I have read that you shouldnt give a bottle in the cot as bubs associates it with sleep so when she does wake in the middle of the night she then needs it to go back so sleep - a behavioural thing. Plus also isnt good for their teeth as some babies go to sleep with the bottle in the mouth and it kind of hangs there.

I along with many on here use the Tizzie Hall routine and it works really well. Which is

7am - Bottle
8am - Solids
9am - Sleep
11am - Bottle
12pm - Solids
1pm - Sleep
3pm - Bottle
4.30pm - Nap if bubs hasnt slept well thru the day
5.20pm Solids (or solids at 5pm if nap is skipped)
6pm - Bath
6.20pm - Bottle
7pm - Bed

Sometimes the times vary slightly depending on what is happening in the day but my DD gets 4 bottles through the day.

I guess it depends on what you are happy doing. If it works and you are happy keep doing it otherwise you might need to change your routine and have a few bad days while re-adjusting but once you do you may be lucky enough to have a full nights sleep.. yay!
hi, you aren't alone, we do the night feed also and will be planning to cut back and cut it out. Our baby is 8 months old and also has 3 solid meals a day including afternoon tea and sometimes morning tea. I don't think that she needs the bottle and perhaps just fusses around due to separation anxiety and perhaps a bit of a habit that she wants the bottle. we are planning to reduce the volume of the fomula and offer her water first if all the other settling techniques don't work. hope this helps.

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