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Hi i have previously posted about my little one who is nearly 6mths and has never slept through, i have been trying everything such as putting her to bed later and earlier and etc etc...
i recently brought the book by tizzie hall and have been trying to follow her routines.. i am finding this a little hard to keep up with prob due to the fact that she has never really been in a routine as i believe you should run their life not let them run yours he he...
I last night tried the whole dream feed (was hard enough for me to stay up till 1030am) and my little one woke at 530am now this is good (i guess) but there was no way she was going back to sleep, and i was only able to hold her off till 6am for a feed??? she then was grizzly around 730am and i thought i would try and give her breakfast and she nearly choked and got all upset so i put her to bed and has now been in bed from 745am and it is now 950am........
Am i making progress or making it harder for us???
any suggestions???
Plus i got up and she was soooo cold and the gro bag thermometer said it was 14 degrees sad but i had so many blankets on her plus her grobag and she was still cold...
i think i might invest in a heater for her room?

Renay, NSW, 6mth baby girl.

Hey Renay,
Just something I have heard with routines is the older they are when starting them the more difficult it can be at first. Hang in there. Try to stick close to the routine, even if she only takes a little feed to begin with. In theory is should get easier. That's in theory though. Good luck.

Sharni, QLD

Hi there,
When your bub wakes before 6am you should feed her and treat it as a night feed. ie lights off, no talking etc etc

I would definitely suggest a heater in her room. You know yourself there is nothing worse than being cold when you're in bed. There are lots of safe, economical heaters around these days so it's worth having a look.

But it sounds like you're doing a great job. Persevere with what you are doing. You will soon see the results.

Good luck!

Juliet, Vic.

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