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Hates pram,going 4 walks and shopping! Lock Rss

Hi, ladies!
Am I the only one?.... All my friends' babies love going outside, do not mind shopping centres and are generally happy to ride in their prams. But not my 9 months old baby girl! I can't understand the reason. She would stay in her pram for 10 minutes, then gets bored (i think), dosn't want to play with toys and just wants to be picked up and carried. She loathes shopping (which I need and love to do) as well. I look at other mums strolling with their bubs in the park or going to do their shopping and I get a bit upset. It is not about going to the shops all the time, but even a stroll in the local park turns into a disaster every time! She just gets upset and would not calm down untill is picked up....
Can anyone suggest something?..... I hope so.

Sydney, little girl nearly 3.

Hi Vika,
Gee, I don't know. Is she comfortable, nothing sticking in or hurting, etc? Can she see what is going on? Would she like to be facing where she is going like in a stroller? Does she have her favourite toys to keep her amused? Or food, like rusks to enjoy and maybe prevent her from being bored? Do you talk to her and play games, like peek-a-boo? The trick is to make her feel very comfortable and like she wants to be there. Maybe put her in the pram at home and push her around the house from time to time and let her watch what you are doing. Maybe let her sleep in the pram a bit to get her used to being there. Maybe she is hot or cold. My little son sometimes gets hot even when I am cold, as he is wearing a coat or something too, but there is not as much circulation in the pram when the hood is down to keep out the light and the bag is hanging off the back.

I'm sorry I don't really know what to say. I hope any of these work. Good luck. Let us know what you have success with.

my daughter did the same thing as yours so i started to feed her in her pram then when we went shopping i took along some snacks for her then about 3 weeks later she was happy to go anywhere in her pram

mum to 3

Thanks, Tracie!
I will deffinetely try this! Did you actualy feed her in her pram all the time, even when you were at home?
Fingers crossed, it will work!

Sydney, little girl nearly 3.

Thanks, Ange!
Yea, I just don't know myself. Tried all of the above... One lady suggested I feed my bub in her pram and give her lots of snaks. It worked with her daughter.
I think she is just too active. Wants to explore, crawl, touch and bite everything, so maybe she just sees the pram as a restriction of her freedom.
Thanks for your suggestions!

Sydney, little girl nearly 3.

Hi Vika,
A friend of mine had a similar problem with her little girl. She bought a 2nd hand pram to keep inside & used this to feed her little girl in (similar to what has been suggested) Her little girl sleeps in the pram during the day and she is able to move her around the house to where she is. (her little girl is very clingy & always has to have her mum in sight)
It's so hard to know what to do-some babies just don't like something & no matter what we do kick & scream about it, don't feel bad about it.
I hope something works for you!!
wow vika
I have the exact same problem.
I used to feed her in her pram up until last week,but as you see it didn't work.
as soon as we arrive at the shopping centre,after 10 minutes she's crying,struggling to get out and as you I end up carrying her,so there's no shopping for me.
I've given her rusks,toys talk to her constantly,nothing is working.
Even going to our local shops which is only 1 km down the street I end up carrying her home and struggling with the pram oouff.
So now I go alone shopping I don't know what else to do either.

maybe the mums here will come up with an idea?

love mary

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Hi, Mary!
Yes, I really hope someone can help us out!
Is you baby very active, is she a bad sleeper? Mine is all that, so I think may be this is just who she is, this is her personality... What do you think? I am very lucky that my mum helps me out, so I can go shopping and meet my friends alone. But I would relly love my baby to come with me...
I am scared she will always be like this, difficult.
Thanks for you reply.

Sydney, little girl nearly 3.

Hi Vika
Thank God my mum came back from overseas so I can get some help.
And yes, she is very active.
She's been standing up now without holding on,she seems so eager to walk and she laughs every time she falls on her bottom.
sleep wise oh boy still a 40/50 minute cycle and she still wakes up thru the night between 2 and 5 times.
I"m pooped lolol.
I even have problems putting her in the car.
i.e going somewhere not too far say a 10 min drive, but on the way back oh boy.
Do you have this problem as well?
talk soon.

kisses mary

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Hi Mary!
It is hard, I know. My little girl will be one in November and she is getting A BIT better with the pram thing now. I constantly talk to her about what is around us outside, I stop and let her touch the walls, bushes, flowers etc and talk to her constantly.But shops still a big "no no" with her, this makes it really hard. But outside she manages to sit in her pram quietly for up to 30-60 minutes now (providing that she is constantly entertained,toys are changed frequently and water bottle is always available). The other day she EVEN let me have my lunch at a street cafe, while she was sitting in a high-chair looking at people and birds!!! This is a huge event for us! After 11 months... She has her first Birthday booked at a restaurant, so I pray that she will be OK and let us celebrare with our friends and their kids.
So, I can see small improvement. Car seat was never a problem for us, she likes it. I hope you have some break through soon too!!!
Listen, how is your girl with food and sleep? Problems there too? My daughter still dosnt sleep through night and does not eat very well. So, I recon it is all connected...
So, I call my baby "my impossible princess", because I think IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!
Hope to here from you soon

Sydney, little girl nearly 3.

Hi Vika & other ladies
I've just read the postings and am feeling a lot better now! I thought I was the only one with a baby that didn't like the pram! The shopping experience (or any other event) he loves, as long as he can be carried and out where the action is! The only time he will stay in his pram is if he's just been fed (while we're out) and wants to go to sleep. Being carried started as a habit when I was out shopping with my husband and as soon as Troy fussed, he picked him up - he was only too happy to do so being the proud Dad and all! So now Troy has come to expect it and as you all know, it makes life difficult when you're shopping alone. Yes, he's also an active baby and hasn't slept through the night either. I think its the whole 'confinement thing' with the pram issue because he also doesn't like being strapped in his high chair either. I have to say, he does love the car tho!

Roz, NZ, Troy 9 1/2 mths

Hi, ladies!
Thank you all who answered my first post a few months ago! Some things have improved, some new problems have arised. But that's life!
I have a new questions for you - does anyone know of any PLAYGROUPS IN SOUTH SYDNEY, say Caringbah, Sans Souci areas??? My little girl is 12 months now and I can see she really wants to interact with other kids, but I don't have many friends with kids living near by. CAN ANY ONE SUGGEST A PLACE TO GO and play?
Thanks in advance

Sydney, little girl nearly 3.

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