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Going insane Lock Rss

My little "angel" began sleeping through the night at around 3 weeks. She would go down between 8 and 9pm and wake up at about 9 or 10am. FANTASTIC i thought.
At 7 months she was teething and would wake up once or twice and i'd go to her and give her a feed and she'd go off to sleep again. Now, at almost 9 months, her bottom teeth have come through and she's still waking up, but now its anywhere from 3 times a night to 8 or 9 times a night.
I go through the routine, feed, burp, change etc and she'll go back to sleep but an hour later shes crying again. I'm going insane and the only way she will sleep is between me and my partner in our bed (which i DO NOT want to get into the habbit of). Its getting to the point where i grabbed a blanket and slept outside her bedroom door because i know she'll be up again.
I'm beginning to feel so overwhelmed and want to just go away for a day or two, but my daughter is breastfed and i cant leave her. I want to wean her and just get away but i dont know if i should wean her to formula or cows milk... Then, im not sure if she'll get all the vitamins and stuff she needs from cows milk. And i'd feel lost without her to look after. Plus, i dont trust anyone enough to look after her.
Its times like this that show how young i really am and make me think maybe having a baby wasn't the best life decision i made... Although i love my daughter more than life itself, and if given the chance to go back i'd definately still have her, but i cant help but think what i'd be doing if i wasnt a mum.
Maybe i need a trip to the loony bin. Or maybe just to loosen up and let my mum babysit.
Hi, Please don't ever doubt your decision to have your beautiful baby, you sound like you are doing a great job and pherhaps you do need to give yourself a break by letting someone babysit now and then, I know it's hard and I hate doing it myself but sometimes you do need a break and there is nothing wrong with that as they say a happy mummy = a happy baby.
As for the night waking I have just had that problem myself, Max started sleeping through at 6 weeks and then 3 months ago he got 4 top teeth through all at once and started waking 2-3 times a night so I would feed him as it was the quickest way to get him to go back to sleep so then after the teeth were through he kept waking wanting to be fed and so I kept doing it 'cause it was the quickest way to get him to go back to sleep and then he started crying for up to 20 minutes so I would go in and feed him again and then he would cry more before going to sleep so I thought bugger this if he is going to cry anyway then I am going to stop feeding him during the night 'cause he is going to be one soon and I will want to wean him off the breast anyway and I thought the longer I keep doing it the harder it is going to be to stop so a week ago I stopped the night feeds and he woke once on the first night but was asleep within 20 min after I went in layed him back on his tummy and put his night light on. The second night he woke twice but after doing the same as the first night he was asleep within 20 minutes again and the third night he slept through and has done since. It is well worth giving this a try, I was prepared to try it for two weeks and then see how it was going but I am kicking myself for not trying it ages ago!
You never know it could work quickly for you too.
sorry for rambling on for so long! hope this has been some help.

mum to two gorgeous guys

Hi Katie,
I totally understand where you are coming from. My 10 month old was waking up up to 5 times a night, pretty much every hour after midnight. He was sick a few months ago, and before that he had started sleeping through, but he has generally never been a good sleeper. After being sick, his sleeps never reverted back and he was waking up crying, we'd sit him up, give him some water and then the dummy, wait for him to fall asleep in our arms, then put him back down. And we'd go thorugh this many times a night. I had weaned him off feeding through out the night (he kind of weaned himself- he is getting lazy with sucking) so it was just a matter of getting him to sleep when he woke up.
Last week we'd had it, so we (with heavy hearts) tried control crying. We didn't really follow a technique, we just refused to pick him up when he woke up. I sat next to the cot, tried to pat him a bit (he was angry and pushed my hand away), sometimes I sang a little (this calmed him a lot) and then I told him i was going out and would be back in 5 minutes. The first night, at bed time he ended up crying/grizzling for about 45 minutes on and off. Then when he woke in the night, he put himself back to sleep after 2 minutes of full on crying and 2 minutes of whinging.
Its been a week since we started, and he is still waking at night, but he is re-settling himself. If after 5 minutes he is still grizzling, I go in, offer him some water (in the cot) sit by him, and i leave when he stops complaining. Last night he woke twice, but only needed me to resettle one of those times. He has even taken to sleeping late (7.15 as compared to 6am), and he even has a cold at the moment.
I hated the idea of doing this, but when you get to the point when you think you are going insane, I found that it gave me more confidence (and sleep!). I made sure that he got plenty of cuddles and mummy time during the day and now in the mornings, I am so happy to see him, he is happier and we get along much better.
Do what you think is best, but we really found this to help us.
Also, I have started to get my mum to baby sit occassionally during the day- I dropped the lunch time feed (am on 2 breastfeeds a day now), and the more she looks after him, the more confidence I have in leaving him, and Callum loves it!
Good luck. Sorry for the long post!
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