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Waking Half Hourly Crying - Desperate! Lock Rss

My 9 mth old has managed about 3 nights of sleeping through EVER but the last month or so he has only been waking at 3.15am and if i cant settly him by dummy/rocking he will have a bottle and then go straight back to sleep til 6am.... BUT NOW this last week he has been waking from 10.30pm onwards on a half hourly/hourly basis screaming. if i race in there and pick him up (sometimes he;s on stomach screaming or trying to crawl up the cot and other times sitting with hands in mouth screaming) and give him a dummy and rock him for a minute he will settle into his cot and go straight back to sleep. If I leave him he just screams and chokes. i can only stand it for 5 mins or so before I go in there and last night i didnt pick him up, just kept putting him on his back with dummy and he would mostly go back to sleep but only for 10 mins (long enough for me to doze off).
Have been thinking it is teething (already has 2) but nothing has been coming through for last few weeks (runny nappies, excema, hot red cheeks, dribble) and panadol doesnt work re sleeping any longer or better if it was pain.
I cant keep doing this and I am going back to work in few weeks and also studying for an exam and I just have to get some sleep.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Emma, 9 month old son Isaac

Hi Zaccy's mum, I have the same problem at the moment that is why I am looking through the forum. I have a 6 and a half month old little man. He used to sleep through the night or at least till around 6.30. He has a sleep in the evening and then at 10.00 has the rollover feed. In the last three days he has been hardly sleeping at all, and when he does fall asleep (in my arms) I put him down leave the room and 5 minutes later he is screaming again. This goes on all night as well. I go in rub his tummy and he falls back to sleep enough time for me to get back to bed and then he is off again. I am back at work now and have been for 3 weeks and I am finding it really tough. I leave him but he just gets more upset and screams till he chokes. When I do go in as soon as I pick him up he is dead to the world. I offer a feed and he has a little bit and then off he goes again until I get back to bed.

He has two teeth and I was thinking maybe they are moving. I used Bonjela last night but it did not work he was still really unsettled. It breaks my heart to see him like this because by 4.00 in the morning I have had enough and I am angry at him, and he doesn’t know why. I thought he may have been constipated as well, but I am at a lose.

Sorry I know this is not advice, but it was just nice to see someone else was in the same boat as myself at the moment. I know how you are feeling trust me. I just don't know what to do anymore either. I thought he may have been cold but it starts when the heater is on. Then I thought maybe it has something to do with a growth spurt. Who knows. Do you still give night feeds at all? Also what time do you start settling at night?

Beck, Vic

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