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mum and dad getting a better night's sleep Lock Rss

Hi, I just wanted to share with you that our sleeping issues and constant waking in the middle of the night are nearly over! - fingers crossed smile Our little one who is 8 months now, used to sleep through from 10 weeks to the 6 month mark, then she had issues with major teething (now has 8 teeth), waking due to wiggling up the cot and getting stuck, too cold, hungry, too hot, whingy , waking every hour or two crying and screaming etc.... broken sleep for us for what seemed like forever. Thankfully now she only wakes around 5:30am and we give her a little bottle and change her nappy before she sleeps again until 7am -7:45am which never used to happen. I think it is the onset of winter which makes her sleep longer. We also relocated back home from WA naerly 2 weeks ago which I think has helped her settle down as now she also has her own room, though separation anxiety could be next to break our sleep! LOL.

To mummies out there whose sleep is being interrupted, please hang in there, your little one will get there for a decent nights sleep too.

Thanks for letting me share.

Excellent to hear!

Life is so much better after a good night sleep.

My bubs slept through a few times, but generally wakes around for a 4am feed, then back to sleep pronto after the feed till about 6:30am



Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

Hey SJ,

Hey its great to hear you guys are getting some good sleep, I know first hand how hard it is when your running on 4-6 hours BROKEN sleep - Its the worst.

Good on you babe - Happy Days - grin .

Hi SJ,
Good to hear of your success. Wow 8 that's teething for ya! Still only 3 here!
keep up the slumber parties over there!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

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