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Kiks blankets off. How does your baby sleep? Lock Rss

Hi all

My DD is 10 and a half months old and I'm just after some suggestions on keeping her covered and warm during the night.

I put her in a bodysuit and p.j's or wondersuits etc.. then I put her straight in bed and walk out because guarnteed everytime I put her to bed she sooks and sits up, but 5-10 minutes later I go back in there when it's quiet and I know she's sleeping, but she's always either at the END of the bed SIDEWAYS, and on top of her blankets. So I slowly move her back up to the top and recover her. Although she doesn't wake during the night I still feel sorry for her whenever I go in there and she's on top of the blankets uncovered. It's been really cold at night here!!

Any suggestions, and how does your 10month old baby sleep?

Isaac is only 11 weeks old so I don't know if this will help you but have you thought of using those sleeping bag thingys. I love them as at least I know if Isaac kicks off his blankets he is warm.

Good luck smile

Tiff, Vic. Isaac born 10/3/06 Number 2 due 3/2/10

Hey there
Chloe's 9 months old and I use the sleeping bags for her, I was worried about her getting too hot as they are really thick so i too a blanket off and put her in the sleeping bag, she slept like a dream in it for 2 months right through, unfortunately she's waking now but she's alwyas nice and cozy, I'd recommend them to everyone
Sleeping bags are great. My little man moves about heaps in bed and always ends up out of the blanket at some stage. In the sleeping bag with a bonds suit (hands in) he is nice and snuggly warm.

Kel and Andrew

hello my DD sleeps in a gro bag and they are soo warm they are worth the money,my DD sleeps tho the night now she soo warm and cosy

katie,victoria,mum to 2 beautiful girls!

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