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going into own room help. Lock Rss

hi we still have our almost 5mth baby girl in cot in our room.i was going keep in there till 6 mths but im so wanting our room back to our selves again hate havin to sneak around all the time and cant get into to use the ensuite.does anyone have any ideas how to make this transition as easy as can be for her and us and wat experiences you have had im wondering if it will muck up her sleep patterns thanks.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

I found that DD adapted perfectly to going into her own room, it was me that wasn't coping. I built it up (like most things) to be this huge hurdle, and she was fine. It did take me a few weeks to stop going in and checking on her - I mean, to really start to relax and go to sleep. I don't think this will work for you, but I use to put DD to sleep in her room during day naps to start with. That helped both of us adjust to the new environment which I think helped the transition at night time a lot easier for DD. Maybe for you, you just have to pick a day and go cold turkey. Move her into her room and be prepared for a couple of rough nights.

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hmmmm, Its sounds like you live at my house. We have Brooklyn in his cot in our room, right next to our bed ( on my side of course tongue ) blocking entry to the ensuite. We have had to move all our toiletries into the guest bathroom, and have to use the second toilet for the dreaded midnight pee. Between DF snoring and my little one rolling around bumping his head on the cot bars I am still getting broken sleep.
I am desperate to move him into his own room, he is 7 months old. I think the earlier you do it the easier it would be, I have been trying to spend sometime in HIS room lately so that he gets use to the surroundings. After his bath I take him in there and change him there so he can look around and familiarise himself, and before I put him to bed I walk into his room, in the dim light and just cuddle there for a couple of minutes, so that he can relate bed time to his room. I dont know if any of this is going to work, but I want my room back!! Cant tip toe, or silent roll in bed anymore aaarrrrrrhhh!!!

Let me know how you go smile .

Hi Shelly,

We moved our baby into her own room when she was nearly 8 months. I wanted to do it earlier however when we moved interstate the house layout wasn't ideal as her room would have been quite a distance away from us. When we moved back home we put her in her own room. We just went "cold turkey" so to speak and put her into her own room. Her cot was the same and I think as long as you are there when your baby goes down for the night then she should be ok. Our little one also sleeps in her cot during the day due to the current house we are living in (a 3 storey townhouse) so to avoid sneaking around the house she is in her cot. Her sleeping patterns didn't really get too mucked up even with the time difference, in a different post I mentioned that she had some poor sleeping during the night because of constant teething (got 6 teeth in 2 months) - thankfully that is all resolved now.

I guess just keep in mind that you may have a couple or a few nights of broken sleep for her to adjust to her own room and space, separation anxiety may also be a factor, however, like others, perhaps the day sleeps in that room may also help familiarise her with her own room.

Hope this helps,


ps. it is great having your own room again

pps, the only drawback is getting out of bed to see what all the fussing around is in the other room now!
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