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to they eventually just sleep through??? Lock Rss

hi there, at the end of my tether today after yet another bad night, my little boy is 6 months tomorrow and he still hasnt slept through once! I am weaning him of his night feed as i figure he is getting plenty through the day and have put him down to waking for that more out of habit than hunger. However he is still waking frequently! Just wondering if babied ever just decided to sleep through? Looking for a miracle!!

pam,nsw, 13 months and 4 yo

That's a tuff one my girl now 12.5 months slept through when she was only a couple of months old.

But sleeping through is classed as 8 hours sleep. Try a feed at about 12pm then see if he sleeps until 6 or 8am. It's what I did with Brooke and it worked for me but all bubs are different. Good Luck
my 12 week old has slept through twice this week (he just decided himself!). his last bottle is 6.30pm and he gets up at 7am. he also is very big, weighing 7.7 kilos and the infant nurse said it is fine to not give him a night feed (of course if he is hungry still feed him!!). i always assumed he wouldnt sleep through until solids, so i am fine to feed him until then if i have to.

Hi Pam,

In a way yes DS did just sleep through eventually, after trying everything known to man kind. However I believe that when I stopped breastfeeding all together he stopped waking up for his snacks during the night. Unfortunately I think that I didnt have enough milk to satisfy him so he was hungry all the time. When I got him drinking 1000ml of formula a day and never offered it over night he slept all night long! Oh the reief. smile Just my experience tho....

Hi Pam I to wondered the same thing. My bub is 6.5months and has slept through only this week and its been 4 nights straight although he woke at 5.30 this morning other mornings it has been till 6.30 and i put him down at 7pm he had never slept through before this and i was going insane. the week before he decided to sleep through he was up at 4am every morning wanting to start his day.
Im sorry i dont have a miracle answer for you but just like everything else in parenthood life i guess you just have to be patient but i understand how you feel. my boy will probably decided next week not to sleep through again sad
Do you have him on solids yet? i found that 3 solids a day has helped heaps especially with dropping the dreamfeed.

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months


haha, you are funny!!

The answer to your question is no!!


Well it seems i have answered my own question, at a risk of mentioning it , my little boy seems to be sleeping right through!!!! Yeah!!!! It took him a few days to go back to sleep after waking for his normal feed but for the last 4 nights, he has gone to bed at about 7.15pm and i havent heard a peep until about 5.30 am and i just go in and pop is dummy back in and he wakes a little after 7 am. Thank goodness, I hope it continues, after a few little adjustments to his day routine, things seem to be going well!

pam,nsw, 13 months and 4 yo

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