We live in a small two bedroom house so obviously we have no choice but to put both our girls in the same room. I'm happy with this and probably would have done it even if we had the third bedroom, but i'm not sure when is the right time to put our baby in with our 2 year old. Jessica (14 weeks) currenlty shares our room (she is on my side of the bed in her cradle). She sleeps through the night 90% of the time and only ever occasionally stirs. Natalie has just turned 2 and goes to bed around 7:30 every night but is still in her cot. I'm getting a "dora the explorer" quilt cover set for her to coax her into the big bed so hopefully that will happen soon. She can be quite a noisy sleeper in that she will wake some nights talking in her sleep or asking for something (dummy off the floor etc.) But its never a real drama or anything she goes straight back to sleep. My partner and i would really like Jessica out of our room so that we can go back to having a read in bed before we go to sleep. Has anyone else been in this situation and done it so early? Did it work out? I'm worried that they will wake each other up?