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Sleeping bag? - How to dress bub 4 bed in Qld Lock Rss


We are currently using a polar fleece sleeping bag for DS with a one piece cotton (light weight) suit underneath (long sleeves and closed in toe) and a singlet as well. The sleeping bag is Dymples brand from Kmart and was very cheap and quite light weight. Does this sound like too much, we live on the gold coast and it has been getting down to 8-9 over night. I have the warm steam vaporiser on but am not comfortable with leaving a heater on in his room, he slept great last night, but i dont want to over heat him or under heat him for that matter!

Also with grow bags, if anyone uses them - Why do they have No arms?

Anyway can you please tell me how you dress your baby for bed, Thankyou smile

hey natalie,
i live in sydney and its been getting pretty cold here.
i dress bub in a singlet bodysuit either long or short sleeve wotever is in the drawer, then trackie type pjs over that the kind u tuck the jumper into the pants and button it up so there back doesnt get cold these also have the enclosed feet.

in the way of sleeping bags i dont use one always been a bit scared bub might trip in it so i put a bunny rug or a waffle wrap over him then a blanket these dont usually stay on though so thats y i have aheater in his room i normally have it on number 2 then wen i go to bed i turn it down to number 1 its just enough to take the chill off the room.

sorry 4 the long post..

not sure if ive really helped u here or just rambled on.

We live in Sydney and it is also getting quite cold here.

I use a sleeping bag called SNUGTIME which you can purchase at David JOnes or Myers. The good thing about these ones is that it has legs so really it is a jumpsuit type thing . It is blue with a dinosaur on it around the zipper. I even have one for my 4yr old. It has to be the best thing that i invested in for winter for my boys. It is nice and thick that really you could count that as a blanket. When it is really cold i put my little one in a bonds suit, flanelette pyjamas on top and then he goes into the suit and I don't have to worry about the blankets being kicked or have to worry about getting up to keep covering them both. I also like that it has arms.

I hope this helps you, goodluck with whatever you decide to do.

I posted something like this last week in another section - this was my question too!

I was dressing my 7.5 month old in a suit and then a sleeping bag, but found her hands were freezing in the morning. For the last few nights I have been using an oil heater on low all night and have found she has been heaps warmer. I can't rely on blankets cos she just kicks them off.

Try the oil heater!!

Mel & Sarah-Jane


Hi Natalie

My DD has been sleeping in a grobag since 12 or so weeks old and has slept cozy warm since then. We found that she would kick her way out from under her blankets and therefore be uncovered. The grobags are designed with no arms because apparently babies get rid of excess heat from their armpits so they will never over heat depending on what you dress them in.
Lauren sleeps in her singlet & bonds wondersuit and then in her sleeping bag every night. The temp here in Adelaide has been as low as 2 degrees but keep in mind we keep our wall heater on all night so theres a constant temp throughout the house.

Hope this helps.
PS They say the correct temp for baby's room should be between 18-21 degrees celsius.
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