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It worked, she slept right thru!!!! Lock Rss

I put a post in a few days ago asking advvice on my bubs still having a bottle at 3.30am. Thanks all for the advice, I took it and it worked so far.
3 nights so far of no bottle and no feed.
The first night I offered water and she fell straight back asleep (3.00am) and stirred at 5.30am, but she resettled on her own and then woke at 7.30am.
The next night she slept straight thru until 6.15am, I popped her dummy back in and she slept until 7.00am, and then today she woke at 3.30am but again I offered water and she only had about 40mls, turned her head and fell asleep and then woke at 7.00am. So excited, but I don't weant to jinx myself so I'm still pre making the bottle and putting in the fridge just in case. Murphy's Law is the one night I don't make it, she will wake up screaming.
But anyhow, I'm happy and confident I made the right choice. Now I just have to tell my body clock to alter to the changes
Thanks again!!!

Nikki H, Perth, 8mth baby girl

Good on you Nikki, All you need is that boost of confidence hey!! Enjoy your sleep - No doubt YOU will still wake at 3 am for a while out of habit smile .

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