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This is for those needing sleep help! Lock Rss

Hi guys,
Just wanted to mention lady called Jo Ryan who I think may be able to help a lot of people.
She's a registered nurse, along with lots of other qualifications including being a nanny for years.
Anyway she now spends her days helping parents with their bubs feeding and sleeping issues.
She lives in Sydney and she stayed with a friend of mine there for 3 nights and completely changed her bub, he is now sleeping through every night and sleeping beautifully during the day. Cured of catnapping and night waking.
Even if you can't afford to have her come and stay or you're not in Syd (she does travel I think), she offers lots of other programs and phone/email advice for a small charge I believe.
I checked out her website which seems really good. She offers FREE routines as opposed to some of her popular competitors that we all know, and there's info there on how to contact her.
I just thought with all the dramas our bubs go through, that it would be nice to let you all know about her.
Good luck everyone, here's to happy sleeping and happy bubs!

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08


Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning the site. I have gone to check it out and get the routines now, just to see if they sound better than the one we currently use.

Thanks smile
thank you so much
i just went to this site and the routine was free to view AND i printed it out
am going to start first thing in the morning

thanks again


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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