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Ways to settle during the night Lock Rss


This may have been covered previously but I am new to this website. I have a 4 mth old beautiful baby boy who is generally a good sleeper. Lately he has been waking more during the night 10.30, 2, 5am and then breakfast 7-7.30.
These feeds at 2 and 5 are nibbles and are purely for comfort. I know that!!! What i would like to know is ways that i can teach or help my boy go back to sleep without a feed.
I am an exclusive breastfeeder - so when i go to his room he immediately smells me - or so it seems. I also know that it is not hunger as he does not wake crying or asking for, I have given it to him as that is what i thought is was in the beginning but now realise he has woken up at the end of the sleep cycle and cant put himself to sleep.
Any methods or ideas would be appreciated greatly! Any that result in more sleep for mum would be very muchly appreciated!!!

Mel, NSW, The Babe 26.01.06

Sorry I forgot to add that he does not have a dummy at all. Will not take it. Have tried. Also I have tried last night to pat him back to sleep but after 10 mins of crying i gave up. How long should i persist with the settling methods before i go to the next step?

Mel, NSW, The Babe 26.01.06

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