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Hi there,

We are having a problem with our dd who is nearly 9 months old. She keeps waking up during the night..anywhere up to 10 times for periods of just a dummy insert - 3 hours! She has never slept through and this started about 1 month ago around the time she started getting her 4 top teeth. She still has a dream feed at 10.30pm and then would just keep waking up. We would give bonjela then later on panadol and that may or may not work but now those teeth are through and she still does it.
Its not like shes in pain but more she plays and doesn't want to sleep.
We have tried leaving her and then she just gets worked up, patting her, giving her water, bonjela, panadol etc etc and in the end sometimes a feed (only had 1 milk feed in the middle of the night in about 1 month) but she still does it every night!!
Some people have said get rid of the dummy but thats not the problem here as she still has it in. She shouldn't be hungry cos she still has 4 bottles at the moment and 3 solid feed and 1 snack a day. It can't be cos shes cold cos we have heating to the correct temp and shes not too hot. And I don't think shes in pain.
Once we have sorted this out I then need to drop the dream feed but I don't want to do that until she is sleeping better.
If anyone has any suggestions on what we could do it would be great. Every night is full of broken sleep and dh and I are tired everyday.

Hi gizmo...another question that I have been through.
You can do 2 things...TOUGH love, not give her any type of incentives to wake up. No eye contact, very clinical when touching her. Give her the comfort she needs but nothing extra. Start controlled comforting. No extra feeds. If she can put her dummy in her mouth by herself then use a dummy chain to attach it to her sleep suit so she can find it herself.You have to be really strong to do it, but IT IS SOOOOO WORTH IT.
Or you try sleep school/classes
I don't know what state you are in but all states will have sleep schools either attached to a hospita..usually private or there are state funded centers too.
Have you read any books on sleep???
Try starting the tough love on this long weekend (queen b'day in Vic) it usually is 3-4 nights before they realise that it is no use in waking up.
Remember that crying will not kill them, it only sounds like it. As long as bubs knows that you are close by and have not totally abandoned her..she will get the message that there are new rules that she has to learn.
I REALLY wish you the best of luck in the most challenging area of motherhood...well for me it was!!!



I absolutely sympathise with you, we have had broken sleep with DD2 for the past 2 months, before that she slept really well. We think it was started by teething and then she just got into the habit of waking and not being able to resettle without some help. I am working too and was just like a zombie so went to CYH and they suggested a sleep program. We have been doing it for 4 days now and last night she slept from 7 until 4.30 which is an absolute dream for us! First time she has not woken during the night for months. It does involve controlled crying which I found really really hard, but hubby was really supportive (I ended up lying on the couch in the back room so I couldn't hear her). The first day/night were the worst, at one stage it took 47 minutes for her to self settle and I was in tears too. But I am a convert, it really works. We have also started wrapping her again, in a single bed sheet - CYH say this is also good to reintroduce for a short while. We started one morning and have done it for every sleep, no exceptions except once she fell asleep in the car. The routine is for 7 - 12 mth olds and is like this

7 - milk
7.30-8 - breakfast
9.30 - 11.30 - sleep
12 - milk, lunch
2.30 - 4.30 - sleep
5-6 - tea
7-8 - milk, bath, bed
10 - rollover milk (if needed, we haven't)

Good luck! Whatever you decide to do, remember you are not alone there are lots of other parents out there up at 3 in the morning too!

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

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