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He won't sleep in his cot!!! Lock Rss

Hey there mums,
Well Callum is nearly 10 months old and for the last 3 nights he will not sleep in his cot. We have tried controlled crying, with no success. This was a few weeks ago and it all it did was make him sick as he gets hysterical. It has been a case of that for months all we did was rock him to sleep then place him in his cot and he would sleep the night through.
But for the last 3 nights for his sanity and ours he has had to sleep in our bed. Not a habit i want him to get into. We have put him to sleep numerous times and we know hes asleep cause he is snoring, but he wakes screaming as soon as hes in his cot.

We know its not that his room is to cold as he has a heater to keep it warm and flanellette sheets on his bed with enough blankets so i'm at my wits ends as to what else to do.

So any advice would be great.

Jodie, mum to callum-10.8.05 & matthew-1.03.07

hi, doesn't sound like your having much fun. I was told by a baby sleep expert to put baby in his cot while he's awake. stand there beside him put him on his side facing away from you and gently body rock him until you feel him relax and lay him on his back, if he is really upset you will be able to feel how stiff and tense he is. if that doesnt work, try some slow soothing music, these worked for me, but all babies are different. Is he getting more teeth? or has he had recent vaccinations? he could just be having a "not very happy day."

Hope something works for you. But remember you need to stay calm too. if you get frusterated he will too.

Good Luck
let us know waht happens.
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