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HELP ME!!!! Lock Rss

My DD has developed a LOVELY case of Separation Anxiety, which requires me to be there when she falls asleep. This has become a problem as when she wakes during the night she expects me to be there and when I am not she screams. She will continue crying until I pick her up, and as soon as I do she falls straight back to sleep. Then when I put her back in her cot she screams again unless I hold her for half hour or so. She may only do this once a night but by the time I leave her to cry a little it turns into a 2hour event (not good for me!!)
She does this during her day sleeps too, but leaving her to cry during the day is easier than at night. Plus I cannot leave her to just cry I have to keep going in to check she is ok…I know I am soft….
I have tried going in and patting her, touching her etc nothing seems to work.
Rylee also does this when I leave the room, or someone else gets her up out of bed instead of me…
Prior to about 2 weeks ago, Rylee would go into her cot awake and put herself to sleep. If she woke in the night, I would feed her and then she would go straight back to sleep.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance.
Rowie xoxoxoxoxoxox
I forgot to say my DD is almost 8 months (born 09/10/05).
Thanks Again
oh honey you poor mumma
i know at night it is so much easier just to pick them up cos we are so sleep deprived but we have to remeber that they will continue to want this and we dont!!!!

would you be willing to do a bit of cotrolled comforting?
Mabey leave her to cry for 1 minute,go in ad give her a kiss,pat on bum,leave room

then go in in 2 minns etc??

i know its hard but it really does work

Kazi helped me and now Lillie falls asllep on her own??

Lillie....1 year old!!!

hi rowie,
just reading your story YOU POOR THING my daughter is 9mths and has slept through the night since she was 3 weeks old, dont know if i can help but i know of a couple of tips that friends have used with there children. What i do know is that it does'nt take them long to work you out and if they know that eventually you.ll give in they'll milk it for all its worth literally!!!!! Get tough mum!! Easier said than done i know. Any way try replacing you with a teddy or comfort blanket maybe comfort is all she is looking for i seen these great BEDTIME BEARS in target the other day around $10- and come with essential oils to help baby relax maybe this would work or maybe a dummie this worked for ella at 3 weeks and she eventually took herself off it and has'nt wanted it since i know its not the best suggestion but sleep for you is so much more important no one wants a cranky mummy especially not daddy!!!!! good luck
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