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Good bedtime turned bad!!!! Lock Rss

My 10 month old has always been a self settler (lucky me) up until the last week.
He will go down well for both day sleeps but is a terror at night.
We have had trouble with him not taking the bottle, grumpy, waking in the night etc. and we put it down to teething. But I just cant understand what has happened over the past week.

Generally I give him a bottle, cuddle then bed and he will usually nod off to sleep.
Over the past week it has taken 1-2 hours to get him to sleep (he goes to bed at 7pm)
I have tried to let him cry, but his cry of late has been more like squeeling - It honestly sounds like he is having a major tantrum.

I would love to hear from anyone that may be going through the same thing or any ideas of why this may be happening.
Is it just a phase that they go through??????

I am getting quite upset as I dont like hearing him cry like this!!!!


Rileys Mum - 11 months

hi ds has started doing the samething aswell..the past 2wks im putting it down as what i ive been doing is let him cry for a bit then ill go there bit after 10mins off crying to try 2 help him settle..then he is fine after that..
My baby is 7months and i was in the same situation as u a couple of wks ago. We ended up taking him to the docs and he had an ear infection (would never have guessed cause he didnt even touch his ears) Was still a little unsettled after this and now 2 teeth have popped though. During the unsettled period i found that by making him not feel like he was being put to sleep actually helped him fall asleep. I would feed him him bottle sitting up instead of laying down (looks like a lil lamb) I also find that leaving them in there cot to the point where they get REALLY upset (u will know when this point is for ur baby) actually does more harm than good
I know its hard while he is like this but he is obviously crying for a reason an it will surface son enough i am sure.
Hope it gets better for u

Baby Kaleb 1 years old

Hi niki.lu2,

What you have described is EXACTLY the same as me. My 10 month old dd is doing the exact same.

I have a post in breast feeding about returning menstruation, which has happened to me, I thought that could be affecting her and my milk, but its not that.

After settling her for about 45 mins at night to go down she wakes about 2 hours later, I cant let her cry it out, I have tried alot, she just ends up screaming and so overwhelmed (snotty too!), so I dont like doing that much. I cuddle her down, when shes almost snoring I know I can put her in her cot and she'll sleep until she stirs again, sometimes she just stirs, sometyimes fully wakes.

By the time the morning comes she gets up, has brekky and then collapses and has a BIG sleep.

I think she is slowly getting better, sometimes I think it could be night terrors, because the way she wakes up is so sudden.

Lets say teeth!!!!!!Aaaargh!!

dd b. 31/07/05

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